Bolton-le-Sands Community Centre (Village Hall)
Packet Lane


BOLTON LE SANDS Village Hall / Community Centre

Registered Charity 700264

Accounts and Report

for the year ended

31 March 2020

The finalised set of accounts and report were delayed due

the restrictions applied during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall



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Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Charity Details


Name                                                  Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Registered Charity Number              700264

Address                                               Packet Lane




                                                            LA5 8DW

Bankers                                               National Westminster Bank

                                                            262, Marine Road Central



                                                            LA4 4BJ

Independent Examiner                     Tracy Seton

                                                            21 Broadlands Drive


                                                            LA5 8BH

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Annual Report

The Committee have pleasure in presenting their report for the year ended 31 March 2020

Structure, governance and management

The Governing Document is a scheme dated 18 February 1988 as amended by special resolution dated 13 May 2010 and is unincorporated. 

Management Committee

The charity is administered by a Management Committee, at 31 March 2020 comprising:

Chairperson                          -               Mrs Dorothy Dianne Carruthers

Vice Chair                              -              

Secretary                               -               Mr Thomas Ian Birnie

Treasurer                              -               Mr Peter Bayliss

Booking Secretary               -               Mrs Sharman Robinson

Other members                   -               Mr Thomas Stephenson

Representatives of the Village Hall user organisations.

The Management Committee are the charity trustees as specified in the Governing document and as the meaning defined in the Charities Act.

The Committee met on three occasions during the year.

Objects, activities and public benefit

The object of the charity is to maintain Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall / Community Centre for the communal benefit of the residents of Bolton-le-Sands and its surrounding area.  The management committee aim to provide first class hall facilities at an affordable cost to voluntary organisations servicing the community. 

The charity has two preferred providers of cleaning and caretaking services, both on a flexible self employed basis.  In addition, it also depends upon volunteers from the local community and committee members.

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall is a member of the Community Futures.

Financial review

In conjunction with our Mission Statement the trustees aim is to continually promote the interests of the Village Hall / Community Centre.  To raise the necessary funds to keep the building and its contents in good working condition.  To continue to keep it at the heart of the village life, for the benefit of all the local community and to enhance the facilities available to bring forward a better quality of life for the community.

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Annual Report ( continued )


This has been the ninth successive year when no price increase has been applied and there is no change to the fees and charges for next year.

Review of the year

This year has continued the trend of previous years. Bookings total 553 for the year, an average of just over 46 per month, with a range of 59 in November to 20 in August, an increase of 8% on the previous year. The Hiring Fees, of £18,865, is £413  [ 2.1% ]  less than the previous year. There would have been a £255 [ 1.3% ] gain except for the £668 lost due to closure of the Centre on 21st March due to  the  Covid-19 virus restrictions . The hall was booked almost every day of the week by a variety and diverse set of regular clubs and societies including: The Women’s Institute, Art Group, Badminton Team, Sequence dancers, Ballet dancers, Horticultural Society, Pilates, Mothers Union, Enjoy-a-ball, Slimming World and regular Coffee Mornings.  One off and seasonal hires include Pre School & Nursery, Gala, Bonfire Committee, Fishing Club, Lancaster and District Choral Society and Ladies of Note and the hall is often booked for Family Parties and by Organisations.

The year’s improvements to the facilities include:

Completion of Asbestos survey and remedial work on boiler room ceiling and entrance canopy cladding.

Replacement of boiler room door, gas meter access door with secure UPVC units

Replacement of soffits, facias, gutters and down pipes from main hall roof.

Replacement of main entrance canopy support posts.

All of these updates and improvements ensure the upkeep to the Village Hall is maintained to the highest standards possible for all to benefit.

I must record my appreciation to all those willing volunteers who have worked so hard over the past year to make our Village Hall such a success for our local community. Whilst it could not happen without such a strong team I must commend Mike Ashton, Carol Wolfenden and the officers of the Management Committee.

I need also to express my gratitude to Sharman Robinson, our Bookings Secretary, for her commitment to  such a huge and time consuming operation that is so vital to the successful running of the Village Hall.

It is the fervent hope of us all that the Community Centre will be permitted to resume its central place within village life as soon as safely possible after the present enforced closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mrs Dorothy Dianne Carruthers

Chairperson                                                                  On behalf of the Management Committee

Date ……………………………………………………………

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Receipts and Payments Account year ending 31 March 2020



                                                                                                              2020                          2019


Bolton le Sands Bonfire Committee                                         80.00                         80.00

Sundry donations and other income.                        486.00                1500.00                       -                                                                                      ---------                     -----------

                                                                                                566.00                                  1580.00 


Hire charges for use of Hall and facilities                          18,865.75                              19,278.25

                                                                                            --------------                   --------------

                                                                        Sub total     19,431.75                   20,858.25 


Bank Interest                                                                             10.35                             6.33

                                                                                           ---------------                 -------------

TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                19,442.10                            20,864.58

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Receipts and Payments Account year ending 31 March 2020 continued


                                                                                                2020                            2019

Receipts brought forward                                             19,442.10                    20,864.58

Direct Charitable Payments

Repairs and maintenance                                                  10,638.68                    15,706.61

PRS/PPL Performing Rights                                             462.68                                   482.76

Electricity                                                                            1,525.89                     1,139.90 

Gas                                                                                               2,825.03                       2,577.21

Water Charges                                                                     1,335.60                       1,574.60

Less  Recovered from Re-charges                                     ( 1,456.95 )                  ( 1463.14 )

Cleaning and Waste Disposal                                                  975.44                                   795.18 Cleaning & Caretaking Services                                      4,413.79                                5,407.83

Less  LCC Contribution to Disabled Toilet                           (  581.63 )                     ( 581.63 )

Less  PC   Contribution to Supplies etc                                (  429.57 )                  ( 224.32 )

Insurances                                                                               876.14                       954.58

Equipment                                                                                89.95                           0.00


                                                                                        ----------------                             ---------------

                                                                                           20,675.05                   26,369.58

                                                                                         __________                    _________

Other Payments

Independent Examiners Fee                                                   100.00                      100.00 Community Futures                                                                   00.00                                     00.00   

Booking Telephone cost                                                             52.57                        00.00 

Stationery, Postage & Sundry Expenses                                 196.58                         237.91

                                                                                        -----------------                           ---------------

                                                                                                349.15                        337.91

                                                                                      ___________                            _________

Total Payments                                                                 21,024.20                  26,707.49

                                                                                       ------------------                           ---------------

Net increase /(decrease) in assets for the year                ( 1,582.10 )                ( 5,842.91 )

Cash and bank balance at 31 March                                28,592.21                 30,174.31                

Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall

Statement of assets and liabilities at 31 March 2020


                                                                                                     2020                       2019

Monetary Assets

Bank Reserve Account                                                              5,142.32                  5,131.97

Bank Current Account                                                             23,522.63                28,423.15

                                                                                          -------------------            ---------------

 Bank statements 31st March                                                  28,664.95                33,555.12

Payments included above but not yet cleared at bank                926.74                 3,560.81                       

Receipts included above not yet credited by bank                       854.00                   180.00

                                                                                           ____________          _________

Balance as Books of Account                                                           28,592.21                30,174.31