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Meetings will be held; January 21st 2021and May 6th 2021 AGM

MINUTES Annual General Meeting

Thursday 3rd September 2020 -10am

Management Committee:                                                                           In Attendance

Dorothy Carruthers         (Chair)                                  Mike Ashton      (Caretaker)         CarolWolfenden               (Cleaner)

Peter Bayliss                      (Treasurer)                         Louise Belcher   (Hort Soc)            Lesley Bailey                      (Pav/Gala)

Sharman Robinson          (Booking Secretary)        Richard Marsden(Seq)                   Joyce Bond                         (Choral)

Ian Birnie                             (Secretary)                         Amanda Birnie  (Res)                     Linda Rigby                         (Bad)

Parish Council                    Cllr Tracey Bell                                                                                                                                                                              

c.c. Comm Centre Noticeboard


1.            Meeting opened at 10am and Chair Dorothy Carruthers welcomed everyone. Covid security and safety measures were

in place. This meeting had been delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The meeting would be as brief as possible and held in order to fulfil requirements of the Charity Commission.

2.            Apologies had been received from J.Bayliss, P.Bayliss, H.Short,T.Cooper, H. Williams, T.Stephenson and J & S Smith.

3.            Declarations of Interest –None

S.Robinson.  All in favour.

some point. CCTV had been upgraded.

centre continues to be heavily used and valued by the community.  Fascias had been installed and gutters had been replaced .The boiler room door had been replaced with upvc. The chair concluded with special thanks to, Treasurer, Booking Secretary, Caretaker, Cleaner and Secretary for their help in the last 12 months.

4.            Minutes of the AGM held on the 9th May 2019 were proposed as true and correct by A.Birnie and seconded by

5.            Matters arising –would be dealt with during the course of the AGM. The building and contents still needed valuing at

6.            Chair’s Report D.Carruthers (Chair) gave a brief report of the centres usage over the last 12 months (to April 2020). The

7.            Finance Report P.Bayliss had prepared a statement outlining the year end accounts which gave a clear explanation of

them. Members present were asked to authorise and approve opening a Metro Bank account that would enable on line banking etc. J.Bond and L.Belcher proposed the accounts be accepted and that a Metro bank account opened forthwith. All in favour. (Review extract attached to these minutes)

8.            Appointment of Trustees. An up to date list of all trustees was available on the Charity Commission website and trustee

declarations and GDPR forms had been completed. Chair thanked those present for acting as Trustees. Janet Butler had been thanked for acting as a trustee as she retires.

9.            Election of Officers – Chair, Treasurer, Booking Secretary and Secretary were elected en-bloc. Proposed  L.Belcher

seconded L.Rigby. All  in Favour.              

for undertaking this important task.


10.          Appointment of Auditor T.Seaton had agreed to continue in this role. Secretary on behalf of the Treasurer thanked her

11.          AOB There being no other matters for the Annual General Meeting the Chair thanked all and closed the meeting at

Signed…………………………………………………………D Carruthers (Chair)  

Signed …………………………………………………………T.I.Birnie (Sec)

Meetings will be held; January 21st 2021and May 6th 2021 AGM

Abstract from the Annual report

Review of the year

This year has continued the trend of previous years. Bookings total 553 for the year, an average of just over 46 per month, with a range of 59 in November to 20 in August, an increase of 8% on the previous year. The Hiring Fees, of £18,865, is £413  [ 2.1% ]  less than the previous year. There would have been a £255 [ 1.3% ] gain except for the £668 lost due to closure of the Centre on 21st March due to  the  Covid-19 virus restrictions . The hall was booked almost every day of the week by a variety and diverse set of regular clubs and societies including: The Women’s Institute, Art Group, Badminton Team, Sequence dancers, Ballet dancers, Horticultural Society, Pilates, Mothers Union, Enjoy-a-ball, Slimming World and regular Coffee Mornings.  One off and seasonal hires include Pre School & Nursery, Gala, Bonfire Committee, Fishing Club, Lancaster and District Choral Society and Ladies of Note and the hall is often booked for Family Parties and by Organisations.

The year’s improvements to the facilities include:

Completion of Asbestos survey and remedial work on boiler room ceiling and entrance canopy cladding.

Replacement of boiler room door, gas meter access door with secure UPVC units

Replacement of soffits, facias, gutters and down pipes from main hall roof.

Replacement of main entrance canopy support posts.

All of these updates and improvements ensure the upkeep to the Village Hall is maintained to the highest standards possible for all to benefit.

updated 5th December 2020

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